Las Palmas Baja 302 Guest Information:

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Security Gate Information Authorized Guest(s) of Owner #302Baja

Self-Renting/Managing Owners

We, Ben and Dianne Cohen, owners of Las Palmas Unit 302Baja permit the party listed below to rent our condo.
Guests have been advised that we are their main point of contact and NOT the front desk or HOA Office.

Renters agree to follow all policies laid out in the Las Palmas Rental Agreement and Resort Rules provided when the reservation was made. Renters also authorize the owner/agent to charge their credit card account for the agreed upon rental costs and/or damages.

We have informed these guests of the Rules and Regulations of the resort and by filling out the information below, they understand and agree to adhere to these rules. They have been informed that no guest may bring pets or guests onto the property and Security has the right to evict anyone from the property who is in violation of the rules.

We understand and agree that the Las Palmas HOA assumes no responsibility for our guests and will be held harmless in any event.

No more than a total of four guests, including children, allowed

The resort requires that at least one guest be age 23 or older

If arriving in more than one car, please print a copy for each car to show the security gate.
Our unit allows parking for a maximum of one car. The Resort reserves the right to charge $25 for an additional vehicle.

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Las Palmas Resort Rules (updated January 2023)

Everyone at Las Palmas, whether you are an owner or a renter, is part of a community where emphasis is placed on making sure that everyone has an opportunity to enjoy the resort. With that goal in mind, we ask that everyone adhere to these rules. In doing so, we will be able to ensure a quality experience for everyone.


  • Owners, guests of owner, and renters must wear the appropriate wristbands provided in order to identify themselves when in the common areas.
  • Only the number of guests identified by the reservation are allowed access to the Resort. Security may ask you to show your wristband at any time.
  • Firearms and fireworks are prohibited per Mexican law.

Smoking Ban

As of January 16, 2023 the Mexican Government has issued a complete smoking ban for indoor AND all outdoor spaces, including the beaches and condo balconies. The government will issue fines to anyone caught smoking and any business not enforcing the ban could lose their operating license.

Grill Areas / Pergolas

The use of grills is only allowed in the designated areas at each building. Grills can be used from 8:00 am to 9:45 pm. Please take care of these grills as they have been set up for your use and enjoyment with the following instructions:
  • Extinguish fire or charcoal when finished.
  • Leave the area clean.
  • Keep children and pets away from this area while in use to avoid accidents.
  • Music is allowed only if using headphones.

Condominium / Villa units

  • Do not hang any items over the railings.
  • No music or noise of any kind after 10:00 p.m.
  • Absolutely no sitting, standing, or leaning over balcony walls or railings. Fines and/or eviction may apply.
  • No drones allowed unless prior authorization is given by the HOA office.
Use the designated walkways to and from the beach. Do not walk on any sidewalk, grass, or rock areas that are between the Villas as these are private areas.

Parking / Streets

  • 1 vehicle is allowed for 1 bedroom units.
  • Trailers must be parked in the designated area for trailers or in the designated area outside the resort.
  • Due to limited parking space, Recreational vehicles (including ATV’s) must be placed back on the trailer when not in use.
  • The speed limit is 5 miles per hour within the resort.
  • Vehicles not parked in the designated parking areas are in violation and will be towed at the owner/guest’s expense.
  • No sleeping inside vehicles.
  • Sandrails, Razors, quads or any vehicle that causes excessive noise will not be allowed into the Resort after 10:00 pm.

Gym and Clubhouse

Gym hours are 7:00 a.m. to 9:45 p.m. Proper attire is required – no bathing suits.
Clubhouse hours are 8:00 a.m. to 9:45 p.m. unless preauthorized by management.


Only owners are permitted to have pets on the Resort grounds. This includes service animals.

Swimming Pool Areas / Beach Area

  • The adult pool area (the beachfront) is 18+ years. This area becomes family friendly typically from October 1 to May 1, when fewer pools are heated.
  • Pool and Jacuzzi hours are 8:00 a.m. to 9:45 p.m. Please limit your use of a Jacuzzi to 20 minutes if others are waiting to use it.
  • Children under 4, and anyone with a health condition or under the influence of alcohol should not use the Jacuzzis per Health Department recommendations.
  • There are no lifeguards on duty; children under 12 must be under adult supervision at all times.
  • Age to use the Jacuzzis is 16+. A designated hot tub with kid friendly water temperature is located by the water slide pool.
  • Please rinse off before entering the pools.
  • Proper swim-wear is required in the pools & Jacuzzis.
  • Babies/toddlers must wear a swim diaper while in the pools.
  • Inner tubes and flotation devices must be 36” or less in circumference. Balls, Frisbees, body-boards and water guns are not allowed.
  • NO diving, running or climbing on the rocks or waterfalls. Fines may apply.
  • Canopies or any other types of shade not provided by the Resort are not allowed in the pool areas.
  • Music devices are only permitted in the pool and other common areas with the use of headphones.
  • NO glass in common areas or beach.
  • Only small personal coolers that fit comfortably under the lounge chairs (12”) are allowed in the pool/Jacuzzi areas.
  • Food is prohibited inside any pool or Jacuzzi. Food is only permitted at the pool bar top areas within the pool.
  • Do not move lounge chairs away from their designated areas.
  • Excessive noise and foul language will not be tolerated.
  • Be courteous by not “reserving” palapas or lounge chairs by placing objects on them if you are not using the lounge chair or palapa. These items may be removed if unattended for 60 minutes or longer.
  • Do not leave canopies, tents or other personal belongings on the beach overnight. Beach cleaning is performed at night and early morning.
  • Please remove your trash from the beach. Trash cans are provided near the stairs leading up from the beach.
  • People with wet feet/dripping bathing suits are strictly prohibited from entering the elevators. Please note: Cameras are monitoring these areas at all times. Any guest found to be in violation of this rule will be subject to fine/eviction.

The Las Palmas HOA, A.C. is not responsible for any incidents or accidents, including lost or stolen items, in or out of the Resort.

Persons who violate these rules are subject to fine or eviction. NO MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED.

Las Palmas Beachfront Resort


  • If you are contacted by Security, or any other Resort Staff, for any loud noise, disruptive or immoral behavior, or any other violation of Resort Rules an Incident Report will be filed and this will be your only warning.

  • If Security or any other Resort Staff must contact you a second time you will be evicted and asked to pack your personal items and leave the Resort immediately. There are no exceptions to this policy and you will not receive any refund.

  • In the event you do not comply with Security or Resort Staff in a timely manner, the Puerto Penasco Police will be contacted and you may be arrested.

  • If the violator of any Resort Rule, Policy, or Regulation is an Owner, or an Owner's family or guest, an Incident Report will be filed and forwarded to the HOA Board for actions and fines in accordance with the Las Palmas Project Documents, Code of Conduct (page 79). If an Owner or a member of an Owner's family is disruptive, out of control, and non-compliant with Security or other Resort Staff and a second warning is given, the Puerto Penasco Police will be contacted.

These procedures are being strictly enforced in order to ensure Las Palmas is an enjoyable place for both Guests and Owners.

Thank you, The HOA Board

Las Palmas, 302 Baja Guest Information:

Be sure to take a copy of your security form with you. Security staff will check ID and confirm guests match the reservation.

Your code to our door will be the last 4 digits of the cell number of the person making the reservation unless an alternate number has been pre-arranged.

To lock the door from the outside just press the X key on the lower right hand side of the keypad. You will see a blue check mark indicating the door is locked. Your door code is only needed when unlocking the door from outside.

The WI-FI password is: baja-302 (be sure to include the dash)

Two thermostats control the heating/air conditioning. One is located in the kitchen & the other is in the bedroom.

If a maintenance problem occurs, contact us and we will make arrangements with one of our contractors to remedy the problem.

If a true emergency occurs (such as a water pipe break) which cannot wait for a contractor to arrive, contact the Security gate by dialing 5121 from the condo kitchen phone, or by walking (running!) over to the security gate.

Quiet hours are 10 pm to 8 am. You can contact security if someone is making loud noise during quiet hours.

Maid service is not provided as the condos are all privately owned.

Items supplied in condo are bedding, towels, shower soap, dish soap, toilet tissue and trash bags. Pool and beach towels are not provided, so please bring your own.

Watching TV both TVs are connected to Megacable. There is a Megacable remote in the living room. The living room TV is a smart TV. You will need your passwords for any streaming services you subscribe to.

Smoking Ban - As of January 16, 2023 the Mexican Government has issued a complete smoking ban for indoor AND all outdoor spaces, including the beaches and condo balconies. The government will issue fines to anyone caught smoking and any business not enforcing the ban could lose their operating license.

When checking out please take all your trash to the dumpster room in the parking lot or deposit in a trash shoot (trash shoots are located in the stairwell of each floor). Also run the dishwasher or hand wash your dishes to ensure you are not billed for any additional cleaning costs.

Thermostats (again) - As you are preparing to leave please adjust both thermostats up to 79 degrees when the AC is on and down to 70 degrees when the heat is on. Electricity is very expensive in Mexico.

I have reviewed the resort policies and guest information and agree to abide by all rules
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Certified to be a true copy of the original document seen and electronically signed by me.